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Dhruv Kohli | Co-Founder and Head of Product Development

“VEEDAA is truly handcrafted ‘Bombay Luxury’. Luxury in Bombay has different meanings for its highly diverse population. From chic, contemporary, sensuous to traditional we create fragrances that appeal to the different faces of luxury and people in the city. Our products elevate and charm your intimate world.

All our fragrances have been created by us using the finest ingredients sourced from different regions of India and Globally. This contributes to an exclusive unique fragrance far beyond your typical generic product. Every product is meticulously made at our very own manufacturing unit and today you will find them retailing in over 50+ stunning retail stores worldwide.”

Subani Seth | Co-Founder and Head of Design

“VEEDAA products are visually meant to make a statement by product design, color and packaging. From regal, bold, ethnic to ultra modern we inculcate all styles along with packaging inspired from our concept of ‘Bombay Luxury’ in our vast collection. Placing a VEEDAA product adds warmth and character to your personal or professional space.

Our iconic ornamental mirror design which forms the base of a lot of our packaging  takes influence from the multi-cultural and architectural diversity seen in the city. From metallic mercury,  rainbow effect, soft pastels to solid contemporary hues we have created products that fit every aesthetic decor and personality type.

We are proud of the fact that a number of our neighbourhood Celebrities, Artists, and Social Influencers regularly buy and use our products validating our fragrance and design philosophy.”


Note: OSR Trading FZ LLC is the distributor for VEEDAA in the United Arab Emirates Region (UAE).

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