Why Choose Soy Candles? Top 10 Reasons to Switch Today

Candles were always more than a source of light. They represent relaxation, serenity and opulence in our contemporary lifestyles. A candle can turn any space into a haven of peace and is a popular decoration in houses worldwide. No matter whether it is planning for a romantic evening, updating your home decor or even creating a spa-like experience in your bathroom, candles add value to our everyday lives. Their calming glow and heavenly fragrances can relax minds, warm hearts and improve living spaces in a number of ways.

A brand new star has emerged in the candle scene recently, drawing in the curiosity and admiration of both casual candle users and enthusiasts alike: Soy wax candles from Veedaa.

10 Compelling Reasons to Choose Soy Candles

1. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

One of the greatest reasons to purchase soy wax candles is because they’re very eco-friendly. When we start to be much more conscious of our environmental impact, options in everyday items like candles can have a major influence on the health of the world. In this respect soy candles are extremely bright because they’re renewable and sustainable. Soy wax comes out of soybean oil. Soy wax is created from a renewable resource – soybeans – unlike paraffin wax, a byproduct of oil refinement. Soybeans tend to be a sustainable and plentiful crop. The raw materials for soy wax candles are replenished via farming cycles. This contrasts with petroleum-based paraffin, which employs finite fossil fuels that deplete over time causing global pollution.

2. Cleaner burn with Less Soot

Among the most overlooked facets of candles is how clean they Burn. This particular property can be impacted by the kind of wax in a candle. Standard paraffin candles, that have been on for many years, create black soot. This soot marries the aesthetics of your living space and is a health hazard. On the flip side, soy wax candles burn cleaner and generate much less soot – benefiting your house and your health.

3. Longer Burn Time

Soy wax is created from hydrogenated soybean oil and has a lower melting point than paraffin wax. This reduced melting point gives soy candles their characteristic slow burn.

Here’s why:

Lower Melting Point: Since it melts at a lower heat, soy wax in soy wax candles melts evenly and gradually than paraffin wax. This slower melting makes a much longer lasting candle. Whereas paraffin wax melts rapidly and burns quicker, soy wax burns continuously and consistently to extend the lifespan of every candle.

Full Combustion: The structure of soy wax provides more complete combustion. Unlike paraffin, which burns unevenly and quickly, soy wax burns thoroughly and consistently, squandering less wax and taking advantage of every candle.

4. Better Scent Throw

One of the primary reasons we purchase candles would be the fragrance. Soy candles work nicely as carriers and diffusers of fragrances. Since soy wax melts lower, there’s far more melt pool within the wick, enabling much more of the candle’s fragrance to spread into the atmosphere. This creates a more powerful, more lingering scent for your space.

The greater fragrance throw of soy candles brings numerous benefits which improve both practical and sensory enjoyment.

Robust Aroma Dispersion: Soy candles work well in filling a room with fragrance. Soy candles make sure the fragrance is strong and uniformly dispersed whether it’s a slight lavender for your senses or a bold citrus for the space. This comprehensive scent dispersion creates a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere.

Long Lasting Fragrance: Soy wax melts at a lower temperature and produces a bigger melt pool so the scent oils release more slowly. This particular slow, continual release produces a slight fragrance which will last long after the candle is out – to keep your space smelling inviting.

5. Non Toxic and Natural

Soy wax candles are healthier for your house. Paraffin candles may release poisonous chemicals including toluene and benzene when burned. In comparison, soy candles have no toxic additives in them. Choosing soy candles means you and your family aren’t exposing yourself to poisonous substances.

6.Support for farmers

By buying soybean candles you’re indirectly supporting local farmers. Soy wax is a good domestic product. Buying soy wax candles encourages agriculture and farmers while creating jobs and encouraging fair trade.

7.Versatility in candle making

Soy wax is versatile and also works well with most dyes and fragrances used by artisan Candle makers. It enables imaginative and unique designs from layered candles to shapes and molds. This versatility suggests soy candles come in several colors, fragrances and designs to fit any occasion or individual preference.

8.Easy to clean Up

Spilled candle wax can be difficult to clean – particularly paraffin wax, which is inflexible and oily. Soy wax is easier to clean up though. It’s water soluble which means it can be removed quickly using warm soapy water. This aids in preventing accidental wax spills from staining your surfaces.

9.Cruelty-Free and Vegan

Soy candles are a good choice For those going cruelty free and vegan. Soy wax candles have no animal testing or animal products because they’re made of plant materials. This complies with compassionate and ethical consumer choices so you can enjoy your candles guilt free.

10.Cost-Effective option

Soy candles cost a little more upfront than paraffin candles but the advantages make them a low-cost option over time. Their longer burn times, clean and full scent throw and reduced maintenance demands mean far more value for your candle. Soy candles give you a premium product without any frequent replacements.

The Natural Advantage of Soy Candles

Naturally Added Ingredients: Soy wax is created using natural soybean oil. This particular vegetable based wax has not one of the harsh chemicals in petroleum paraffin wax. Soy candles don’t release dangerous pollutants to the atmosphere when they burn – making your house and family safer as well.

No Harmful Emissions: Unlike paraffin candles, soy candles don’t put out toluene, benzene or other poisonous chemical substances. The lack of these toxic emissions means the air you inhale is pure and free of damaging substances, lowering respiratory and other health risks related to airborne toxins.


From environmental sustainability to health benefits and beyond, switching to soy candles has a number of advantages. The change to soy candles is much more than a trend; they’re a lifestyle. It is a choice made towards a sustainable, enjoyable and healthy lifestyle. Regardless of if you are a candle lover or maybe a candle novice, soy candles are great for yourself and our earth. Light up your space in an eco-friendly way, try out soy candles today and also take a cleaner, brighter, more delicious candle adventure today. Switch to soy candles and see the difference for yourself.

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