The Ultimate Guide to Eid Gifts: Finding the Perfect Scented Candles for Your Loved Ones


Eid, a time of joy, reflection, and celebration, marks the culmination of Ramadan’s month-long fast. It’s a period when Muslims worldwide gather with family and friends, sharing meals, offering prayers, and exchanging gifts. In this festive spirit, choosing the perfect Eid gifts can add a personal touch to the celebrations, making your loved ones feel even more special.


This blog will help you navigate through the selection of Eid gifts, focusing on scented candles, reed diffusers, and other home fragrances, ensuring you find the perfect match for every preference and personality.

Unveiling Fragrances from Veedaa

Among the choices for eidi, scented candles, and home fragrances are a clear favorite, blending the essence of tranquility, warmth, and affection into one.


Scented candles from Veedaa, with their soothing fragrances like Blue Island Water and soft, flickering lights, create a serene ambiance, making them an ideal gift. Whether it is for setting a calming atmosphere for prayer, and reflection, or for enhancing the home warmth during Eid gatherings, selecting the right scented candle can be a deeply personal gesture, reflecting your affection and care for your loved ones.

But with the variety of scents, waxes, and designs available, how do you choose the perfect one?


Understanding the Power of Scent

Before diving into the vast world of scented candles, it is essential to understand the роwer оf scent. Fragrances hаve the unique ability to evoke memories, enhance moods, and even influence well-being. This Eid, choosing a scent that resonates with your loved one’s personality or the memories you share can make your gift deeply meaningful. Whether it is the freshness of Himalayan Magnolia & Santal for the nature lover, the rich aroma of Cinnamon Mela Verde for the adventurous soul, or the calming scent of Bulgarian Lavender for someone seeking relaxation, every fragrance tells a story.


The Art of Choosing Scented Candles

When selecting scented candles as eid gifts, consider the following aspects to ensure your present hits the right note:


Fragrance Profile: Think about the preferences оf the person you’re gifting to. Do they prefer aquatic, fruity, gourmand, or oriental? The fragrance should align with their tastes and the ambiance they cherish in their home.


Quality of Wax: The wax’s quality not only affects the burn time but also how cleanly and evenly the candle burns. Options like soy wax, beeswax, and coconut wax are eco-friendly and tend to burn cleaner and longer than traditional paraffin wax.


Presentation: A beautifully presented candle can enhance its charm as a gift. Look for unique jars, decorative elements, and elegаnt packaging that reflect the festive spirit of Eid.


Incorporating Reed Diffusers into Your Eid Gifts

Apart from scented candles, reed diffusers offer an elegant way to infuse homes with delightful fragrances like Bengal Bamboo & Fig, Blue Island Water, Bombay Orange Bourbon, Darjeeling Lime & Mandarin. They work well in spaces where you might not want to leave an open flame unattended, like bathrooms or hallways. Reed diffusers come in various scents and stylish bottles, making them a fantastic alternative or addition to scented candles in your Eid gifts selection.


Curating a Fragrance Gift Set

Why stop at one when you can curate a bespoke fragrance gift set? Combine a carefully chosen scented candle with a matching reed diffuser and or add a selection of essential oils, a room spray, or a scented sachet to complete the set. Such a thoughtful ensemble of home fragrances like French Vermeil and Himalayan Cedar & Patchouli not only makes for a generous Eid gift but also allows your loved ones to enjoy a harmonious scent experience throughout their home.


Considerations for Gifting

While scented candles and home fragrances make for exquisite gifts, it is crucial to consider any sensitivities or preferences. Some individuals may be sensitive to certain scents or have preferences for natural synthetic fragrances. Always ensure that the gift you choose aligns with their comfort and taste.


As you wrap your chosen Eid gifts, the presentation is almost as important as the gift itself. Opt for elegant wrapping paper, ribbons, and perhaps a handwritten card to add a personal touch. The effort you put into presenting your gift will not go unnoticed and will make the act of unwrapping as joyous as discovering the scented treasure inside fragrances like Lily & Black Orchid and Marsala Geranium & Musk.



Eid is a time of togetherness, reflection, and celebration. A thoughtfully chosen scented candle like Ruby Peony & Honey Suckle, a reed diffuser like Peach Bellini, or a gift set like Lost in Hvar Grande can bring a sense of warmth, serenity, and joy to your loved ones homes, making it a memorable part of their eid celebration. By considering their scent, the quality and presentation of the gift, and wrapping it with care, you can convey your affection and wishes for peace and happiness in a deeply personal and lasting way.


In the end, the perfect Eid gift is one that comes from the heart, bridging distances and strengthening bonds. Whether near or far, your gift of a beautiful fragrance like Midnight Jasmine or Prosecco Berries can make this Eid a little brighter, a little sweeter, and a lot more memorable for your loved ones

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